Photo Gallery

Take a glimpse of the views that are waiting for you at Halstead Framingham apartments. Imagine yourself enjoying the pool, swimming laps to refresh during a hot day. See yourself leveling up your gym routine in our fitness center or envision yourself getting some fresh air on your peaceful private balcony. There are plenty of ways to see yourself enjoying all that there is to offer at Halstead Framingham apartments.

Check out all the extras that are in store such as the billiards or the large walk-in closet. Our modern cabinetry and interior are sure to add the elements you need to feel excited to cook in your kitchen. Also, check out the exposed brick for another stylish detail that makes our unit unique!

While our photos can inspire your next apartment setup, there is nothing like setting foot on the premise! Our staff would be delighted to meet you and see what you are looking for with your apartment living plan. Contact us today, as well be happy to set up your very own individualized tour.